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Hotels Tips

Business travellers typically do not acquire cheap hotels; business travel is yearly therefore they cannot plan trips for off-peak periods. Corporate men and women usually have need of more from their hotel room then a vacationer. The hotel room is more an office with a bed rather than a place to rest and relax, as a result business amenities are a must.

Many luxury hotels provide in room business centers for example in suite conference rooms, this is costly. If you’re looking for a deal the more corporate geared hotels provide fully loaded business centers with equipment like scanners, fax machines, computers, copiers and printers. Also they provide the business person with meeting rooms.

When looking for hotel deals, keep in mind it is difficult to cut costs on business trips, when looking for cheap hotels ask to speak to the sales manager. If you are a frequent traveller you can get corporate rates and many times free breakfast or the free use of a meeting room, high speed internet and free or discounted shuttle service. Do not be afraid to ask for free and discounted services in return for negotiating a volume of stays for yourself and colleagues.

The hotel business wants repeat business, if you can provide this; they will customarily give you the moon and the stars.