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Illinois VOIP Phone Systems Available for Businesses

VoIP systems usually end up saving a business money in the long run.  However, there are a few drawbacks to using this type of system. Most of the concerns businesses have about VoIP stem from the fact that a stable electricity connection is needed.  Here are a few things to consider befor making the switch:

Power Outages –  VoIP systems require an internet connection, and thus need electricity to function.  It's generally fairly easy to prevent any disruptions in phone service- just make sure you have a steady power connection.  You can also have a backup phone system installed as an "emergency" plan in case of power outages.  

Packet loss – This can occur when there is too much traffic on a computer network.  Packet loss results in dropped calls, or a broken "static" sound in phone conversations. This too, is rare- and can be avoided by installing a faster internet connection.  Vendors can also run tests before a system is installed to minimize packet loss.  

Security Concerns – It is easier to “hack” VoIP calls than "landline" call, so most vendors provide a host of security features that prevent such breaches.  It's a good idea to  have a security plan in place before using your system, especially if you relay sensitive information, such as credit card or account numbers, over the phone.

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We're matching you to top-rated
Phone Systems vendors...
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