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Inbound Call Centers: The Basics

Inbound call centers are set up within your business to take calls from customers. The operators will answer questions, direct customers, and provide sales assistance. These call centers employ a group of live operators, project managers and account representatives to sell your products and services on your behalf. They handle calls that coming from your customers and are most popular in departments of customer service, order processing and help desks.

The Details

These centers are outsourced business segments that are highly skilled in managing and talking to potential customers. They are experts in the satisfying customers through the use of tact and language. Great inbound call center companies will be able to handle any task thrown its way. For example, often they will be able to respond to different languages and make the customer feel special.

There are a variety of different types of Inbound call centers can be branched as a way for your company to handle customer relations. With the advent of social media and online transparency, the WOM implications of an unhappy customer are detrimental. These call centers will ensure the customer is satisfied in the utmost regard. Call centers can be located anywhere, but some are located overseas because the location is much cheaper. This translates to your businesses costs, and you will end up paying much less for an offshore call center.

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Business Advantages

Inbound call center are dynamic and flexible solutions for your customer care business segment. They provide a plethora of benefits for your company. You will likely increase customer satisfaction; because the call centers have expertise in solving customer needs they will be able to work with your company to provide their expertise in the most efficient way. Call center agents will also be able to up-sell and cross-sell certain items. Say for instance a customer calls your call center looking for assistance with their current product; the call center agent will be tactfully trained to suggest alternative products. In addition they may also be able to provide lead generation assistance.

  • Virtual call center agents, in comparison to in-house employees appear to be much more helpful for a business to grow through sales and customer relations. Inbound call centers offer a variety of solutions that your business can pick and choose as they see fit.
  • These assistants can offer you a healthy mix of inbound and outbound call center solutions. They will also be able to offer wide variety of solutions for your business. They often will include the ability live chat, customer care services, and have appointment setters.
  • Call centers eliminate your companies need to hire in-house employees for those rols. There is no need to file payroll, 401K, tax forms or anything else with your virtual assistants. There will be a flat negotiated fee. This simple aspect of outsourcing call centers is a major competitive advantage in some industries. You may be able to leverage the value of these inexpensive options to help other areas of your in-house business grow.

A typical call center will include a tech support staff for your company, and a customer service staff. Hiring an outsourcing company will alleviate the need to do any infrastructure set-up, and reduce hardware costs.

When looking toward working with an inbound call center, determine if you need operations to be conducted during traditional working hours, or after hours. Also determine if the call representatives will schedule appointments, simply take messages, process sales orders and/or offer technical support.  Inbound call centers are a comprehensive way to save time and money.

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