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Quick Guide to Maintenance Management Software

Whether you run a car rental agency, an industrial plant, or even a University – the chances are high that calculating maintenance costs and scheduling equipment work takes up a lot of your time.

Maintenance equipment and software can help schedule and track all of your daily processing and services. While many small businesses can mange their equipment details through checklists, post-its, and clipboard check-ups, having a centralized database can help you make sure everything is done on-time.

Maintenance software can be personalized for your systems and equipment functions, but the majority of them all have standard options for your office:

  • generate work orders and invoices for daily tasks
  • technician logins to add notes, track repairs, and schedule future maintenance
  • unlimited amount of equipment and vehicle inventory control - online access to data (data can be transferred to Cell Phones, PDA’s)
  • allows maintenance requests to be submitted remotely with status updates

These maintenance options can transform the operations of businesses with 30-40 average equipment totals, as well as personnel that numbers in high 40-50’s as well. Commercial Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) are usually network ready right after installation, with support for multiple-users as well as the ability to track costs, work assignments, histories, and material lists.

Cost: Typically, CMMS packages do not require ongoing yearly or subscription fees (such as the case for leased equipment), and instead charge only a base price with a per-user fee. This means smaller businesses with a staff of less than 10 can find personalized systems for as cheap as $600 or lower, while larger companies with hundreds of employees can expect to pay a few thousand dollars depending on their overall needs. For averaged sized companies where both employees as well as equipment numbers are in the mid-20s, the complete CMMS systems can be purchased for $1,800 from certified distributors.

Do you need a CMMS system? Before you talk to a vendor, try exploring your options as a business to see if having a centralized electronic database will benefit your daily operations. How much of your information and work is automated? Do your employees all log their equipment data with the same processes, forms, and procedures? Here are the two most important parts to implementing a new service:

Your Employees: They will need to be trained on the operation and installation of your new equipment. Also, depending on the vendor that you choose, training options may be in-person on the web. While web-training can be just as effective as classroom instruction, your company may have to set up everything in-house – do you have enough resources to go through a training day? Regardless of the training method from your vendor, make sure that basics of operation (setting up, communication options, and troubleshooting) are all covered thoroughly. Making sure that updating your current routine and system will benefit your ROI is important, but perhaps even more so is how your staff will function with new responsibilities as well as a new software to get used to.

Your Return-On-Investment: While the personalized options of a new CMMS system will decide how everything goes over, you will still need a way to track how effective your new investment is in improving the overall quality of your service. Besides a detailed evaluation period of your new software system, speak to your vendor about demos, trial usage, the overall requirements to run your new CMMS.

Your vendors can answer any of your questions before and after your purchase, so make sure to check for the most cost-efficient product, as well as the easiest package that will handle all of your needs.  Read more about how to choose a credit card processing provider from our Buyer Guide.