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Mobile Marketing Strategies

Advertising for small and medium sized businesses has become much more extensive lately. Mobile phones are everywhere, and a business that does not take advantage of them for mobile marketing will be left behind their competition. With mobile media so ubiquitous, now is the time for businesses to begin a new mobile advertising campaign. Marketing mobile is just one more tool to add to a business’s arsenal that will help them move their businesses into the 21st century.

With marketing mobile, a business sends mobile advertising messages to their customers’ cell phones or other mobile media devices. Businesses can take this opportunity to send their clients messages that introduce a new sale that will be going on in the store. They can also send their customers to a website. Or they can send their customers a message about the latest contest they will be launching. These messages help business owners to stay in frequent touch with their customers, and they will be able to do it more immediately than they can with email. People usually have their cell phones with them at all times, but they have to physically go into their email accounts to discover that they have a new message.

The fact that text messaging has grown incredibly makes the case for mobile marketing; in 2006, only 18 billion text messages were sent in the United States per month. Just a year and a half later, this figure has ballooned to 75 billion messages per month! This number is pretty impressive, and makes this new technology worth a try.