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Office Water Buying Tips

Office water delivery services are a necessity for any office or workplace. Keeping employees hydrated is of upmost importance to keeping them productive and alert. Water makes up 70% of the human body, and is vital for maintaining one’s health.

Providing your employees with water is one of the most fundamental ways you can look after their wellbeing in the workplace. Not to mention, OSHA section 1910.141b requires businesses to provide their employees with suitable drinking water. There are a variety of water delivery services available, so consider your options and how to find the best supplier for your employees.

Another important way to keep your employees safe: the right insurance. Purchase workers compensation from one of our hand-picked vendors.

Options for Office Water

Offices have multiple options for providing their employees with drinking water. Technology has evolved the standard water cooler from a place to gossip to an advanced method of getting filtered drinking water in both cold and hot.

Each of the options has its benefits and drawbacks, and some are considerably more environmentally friendly than others; depending on what is important to your business and your employees, you’ll need to weigh each and every option.

  • Bottled water is convenient as long as the refrigerator is kept stocked. Bottled water is advertised as being healthier and cleaner than other options, though this is sometimes not the case. Though they can be recycled, using bottled water produces a significant amount of waste.
  • Free standing coolers are more environmentally sounds because the bottles can be refilled at fill stations and are relatively less expensive. Water coolers can provide hot or cold water using electricity.
  • Water filter systems use the buildings tap water as a main source of water. Though most often tap water is fine to drink on its own, filters provide employees with another level of protection from impurities. The latest filters can provide hot or cold water, are large, and don’t need to have their filters replaced too often.

Finding a Supplier

In searching for the right water delivery company, the top three features to consider are:

  • Product
  • Amount necessary
  • Delivery options

Some bottled water companies not only provide the water and necessary equipment, but also cups and other promotional accessories that may or may not save on employee’s expenses. The same goes for freestanding options and filtered tap pieces.

  • In many cases, bottled water delivery is more difficult and expensive because of the large amounts of packaging. Consider that tap water costs less than 1 cent per gallon, whereas if you pay $1 per bottle, bottled water adds up to $8 per gallon.
  • Water cooler suppliers can also usually help to set up and install the coolers and electrical systems included. Most office water providers also perform routine cooler maintenance.
  • Be sure to judge the quality of the water the company provides, and check their water quality reports. Look for a company that has experience providing water to offices specifically, and whose core business is dealing with water.
  • Check with offices in your area to see if you can find an option that others have been successful with. As a necessary aspect of your office, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice.

Keeping clean water on hand in your office is required, but you can control how much you spend on keeping your employees hydrated. Water coolers and filter systems can provide you employees with the cleanest hot or cold water instantly, and could end up saving you money.

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