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Buying a “Green” Photocopier

Office photocopiers have gotten a bad reputation for wasting energy, using too much paper, and taking up too much office space. No longer- the new generation of photocopier machines is leaner, “greener,” and much more efficient.

Many businesses concerned with reducing waste choose to purchase a recycled or refurbished photocopier machine. Once you are done using it, it can be recycled again. Offices that use color photocopiers can take advantage of advances in technology and purchase solid ink or refillable cartridges that reduce waste and are recyclable. A color photocopier can be made even more efficient by programming a “sleep” function, where the machine uses less electricity if it is inactive.

Purchasing a digital photocopier with the capacity to scan and store documents electronically is also a great way to conserve. By printing less, you’ll also extend the life of your machine. While photocopiers aren’t the most green-minded machines, you can find a way to save resources wherever possible with a new and efficient model.