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Printer Ink and Toner Tips

Your business's dependency on printer ink and toner becomes evident when that supply runs out and the spreadsheets, promotional material or presentation pamphlets have not been completed. Regardless of the complexity of the printing machines, their high-speed capabilities and their ease of operation, they are totally useless unless there is a reliable source of replacement ink cartridges. When purchasing office printing and copying equipment is it vital to understand the type of printer ink used, the size and capacity of the cartridges, the maximum page output before they are depleted and most importantly, how they will be replaced. Manufacturers who supply printers and copy machines will often have an ink maintenance plan for the new equipment, but in some cases it may be more advantageous to seek the help of an independent supplier that can provide adequate servicing of the machines to insure toner cartridges and printing ink are replenished as needed.

Some types of printers are quite complex and ink cartridges are difficult to refill without assistance. Printer ink and toner can be a nuisance if the containers are quite large, but professionals who install and replace these printer cartridges are skilled in performing their task quickly and efficiently. Or to save money, a business can simply have these products delivered on a schedule and have a skilled office worker complete the task. It is important to remember that certain replacement cartridges are not approved for all machines and can even invalidate a warranty. Choosing printer ink that is packaged in the appropriate cartridge is vital, and toner cartridges that are refilled by an outside company may or may not offer the highest quality product. Much like taking the car to an accredited repair mechanic that is licensed to work on a particular model, servicing the company printers should be in connection with a firm that knows the equipment.