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Quick Guide to Printers

It could be said that no office exists without a printer. Printers are becoming more technologically advanced and offer a multitude of features that improve the average work environment. Some printers are attached by a printer cable or retrieve documents wirelessly depending on the make and model of the printer.

Printers are also becoming more advanced and can print clearer images, are combined with fax capabilities and can print large quantities at a time. The ink used in printers has also changed through the years and can use toner, ink, other liquids, or even no ink at all. Technology is still improving and some manufacturers are working on ways to use UV light sensitive chemicals to eradicate the use of ink forever.

If your marketing department sends out a large number of direct mail pieces or pamphlets, investing in a quality printer could save you money overtime.  Although places like Kinko's offers great services, the cost for you to print the pieces yourself is probably more cost effective.  The time it takes someone to go to a printing store, get everything printed and drive back to the office can add up if you do this more than once a month.

Once you have decided to purchase a new printer, make sure you decide if you want a laser or inkjet.  Inkjet printers are usually better if you will be printing on glossy or cardstock, while laser is better for black and white printing.  Many offices have both types of printers, that way they can use them both at their full potential.

More times than not, buying a used or refurbished printer is much cheaper, and works just as well as a new printer.  Saving money wherever possible is top priority for most business owners.  So why not ask a vendor if they have refurbished printers for sale?

Besides if you want a printer to print color, black and white or both you also should look at the other features it possesses.  Do you need a printer to print double sided material without re-feeding the paper?  What about the paper tray?  Do you need multiple trays because your office prints many documents?  Take all of these factors into before making any purchasing decisions.

If your company is trying to be more eco-friendly, there are now printers that are green.  Purchasing chlorine free paper and vegetable based inks are just two ways to do this.  Implementing a document management system to work with your printer could cut down on the amount of paper you need to print as well.  Going green doesn't mean you have to go paperless, it just means you have to find alternative ink options and/or paper options.

Leasing is another option to consider as well.  Some printers can be very expensive depending on all the features you may need.  Leasing has become a very popular and valid way to attain the printer you need.  If you do decide to go this route, make sure you go over the contract carefully, and aren't tied down to one specific printer for more than a year.  Because technology evolves so quickly, you don't want to be stuck with outdated machinery.