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Recruiting Software Tips

Recuiting software, in this crowded business world, is essential to finding the best candidates for your business. While trends such as social recruiting extend your reach, recruiting software will allow you to organize your efforts to make better hiring decisions. As a small business, you are looking to keep the process as efficient and streamlined as possible – the right software, with the right features, will do that for you.

Before researching the best option for you it’s important that you consider your priorities, your particular business needs and how to choose the best vendor for you.

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Benefits of Recruiting Software

You want to churn up the best your industry has to offer when it comes time to hire for your business – so why wouldn’t you take advantage of every resource possible. Recruiting software is a strategic way to manage the process.

Time savings: No longer do you need to wade through stacks of resumes; they’ll be organized within the program you’re using. You can organize by interview date and job titles for easy navigation.

Determine Your Needs

Recruiting software can get complex, and is often built out with a variety of features, both relevant and irrelevant for your business. Thus, it’s important that you have a clear vision of your business’s priorities and strategies when it comes to your recruitment process.

  • Collaboration: Will there be more than one department working within the software? If so, you want to be sure it’s either hosted in the cloud, or you’re able to have a number of users who can access the program at any time.
  • Job posting: Some programs will come with job posting templates and customizable options. Consider how you want to handle this aspect of the process to determine whether this feature is necessary for you.
  • Applications: Do you not have a branded application? If not, consider customizing one of the application templates from within your software. This gives you a place to start if you’re hiring for the first time.
  • Recruiting options: Often times recruiting software will come with the option to partner with large recruiting firms or online sites; if you’re looking to widen your talent pool, this could be a great opportunity.

Choose a Vendor

There are many vendors that offer recruiting software in various complexities, all of which are a great option at However, in order to get the best deal for your business and your budget, you’ll need to consider how you will choose the best vendor for your specific needs.

  • Look for programs with a free-trial. This is the best way to determine which program will work best with your current processes and employees. It will also allow you to determine whether there will need to be extensive training on the software.
  • Ask friends in the business world who they’ve worked with. Often times the best references come from someone you know personally; invested in your best interest, they’ll give you a true review that you can count on.
  • Consider the complexity of the system; if one product offers more than you need, it may be worth finding something with less features that will be easier for you to use and navigate.

Finding the right recruitment software will help your company or firm stay organized while managing any number of resumes, cover letters, background check responses, etc.  A       streamlined process not only saves you time but allows you to make a more informed decision; when you’re not lost in a pile of paperwork you can wade through each candidate with a clear mind.

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