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Self Storage Tips

Mini or self storage is not only a much needed service for many businesses, it also makes an exciting investment opportunity. Of course, storage solutions continue to be in high demand for consumers. In some congested storage complexes, renters have to languish on a waiting list to secure their unit. If you choose to own and rent out storage units, you are making an investment that will pay for itself again and again through the years. Self storage is an industry that has proven quite durable through many economic downturns. Whether you choose to operate large commercial units or mini storage units for families, self storage is a business with an extremely loyal and tenacious customer base.

If you've seen the television program "Hoarders," you've seen an exaggerated version of the collecting impulse that keeps storage units in business. People are often driven by a desire to possess more things, and we often refuse to let this desire be limited by the finite square footage of our homes and businesses. As the years go by, we earn and spend more money, gather more possessions, and find ourselves looking for more storage solutions. The wise investor looks for investments that will bring in money on a constant, regular basis. Mini storage remains one of the most attractive real estate options, due to relatively low upkeep and ever present demand.