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Server Software Tips

Any business that maintains even a minimal online presence knows the importance of servers. Servers are the backbone of the Internet. They are computers that play host to special operating systems and memories. Servers store websites and enable other computers to access them through web browsers. Server software provides the virtual foundation that holds the operating system and web pages in place. A good server program gives a business the ability to host websites without worrying about malfunctions or errors. Servers play a vital role in cyberspace today. In fact, without servers, the Internet as we know it would not even exist.

A business server is more sophisticated than a personal server. Business server needs and management extend to the security and integrity of customer data, a serious concern. To protect customer data, server software must be robust and able to handle a variety of threats. Computer viruses are no longer the only threat. Sophisticated self-replication malicious software, or "malware," trojan horses and worms now menace unsuspecting servers. Server programs are installed to police the perimeters of these computers and guard them. Firewalls, anti-virus programs and anti-malware programs all prowl the outer reaches, devouring any hapless program in sight.

The server programs that handle data processing and storage must be safeguarded. Lost customer data translates into lost customers and lost profits. Some businesses solve the problem of security by purchasing dedicated server hosting. A dedicated server only plays host to the business's account and no one else is allowed inside.