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Servers Tips

There are many technologies that web hosting companies can use for web hosting services. One of the most common technologies is shared hosting, which is powered by a single hosting server. The hosting server is usually a very powerful piece of hardware that's capable of handling multiple websites. Shared hosting is a cost effective solution because it does not require many servers compare to other solutions. Since the cost of hardware is low, shared hosting providers usually offer web hosting services for free. Shared hosting also provides file server for customer to save their files online. The main disadvantage with this solution is that a single server failing can impact multiple websites. For this reason, most businesses choose other solutions that provide redundancy.

The alternate solution for web hosting is clustered hosting. Clustered hosting solutions use a series of servers instead of a single server. These web servers are called nodes. Each node hosts a single web service. Using load balancing software, these nodes can run in parallel or as backup to provide consistent service. The websites that are powered by these web servers will never be down because the load balancing software will automatically re-direct services to the node that is available. Additionally, load balancing software can also distribute the requests equally to each node. By spreading out the requests, load distribution helps increase the overall performance in a clustered hosting environment. File server can also be added to clustered hosting environment to provide online storage for file sharing.