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Solar Tips

Solar power is fast becoming the energy of choice. It is a clean source of power and has become more affordable. With it, you can heat your swimming pool, water for your home and your home’s interior. One type of passive solar air heater takes air from the outdoors, heats it and transfers the heated air by blowing it into a home’s interior. Two types of solar systems for heating water are the flat plate collector and the evacuated tube collector. Both collectors can be installed on the roof of a home and transfer heat to the home’s water heater. The flat plate collector heats the water itself. The evacuated tube collector transfers heat by use of a manifold.

Solar panels require little or no maintenance and are quite durable. All create DC electricity. Photovoltaic cells, also called solar cells, generate voltage when exposed to radiant energy such as sunlight. Solar cells made of layers of silicon create electricity when electrons flow through junctions connecting the layers. The photovoltaic cells in some solar panels contain tiny copper filaments that vibrate when exposed to the sun’s rays. All resulting electricity can either be used near the panels or channeled through electrical cable to be stored in battery systems. Solar energy provides power for pumping water for livestock in remote locations, and the installation of complete electrical systems can enable homeowners to live without dependence on utility companies. A variety of consumer products that run on solar power also exist. Among these are:

• Hand-held calculators

• Garden, walkway and security lights

• Battery charging systems

• Radios

• Christmas lights

Explore the pages of this site to find out more about the benefits solar energy holds for you.