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Special Events Insurance Tips

Special events can be great for building company brand and spirit. However, big events that bring in large crowds are more susceptible to accidents or injury. For this reason, some companies choose to purchase special event liability insurance.

In order to protect your company from being liable for injury or damage that takes place at one of your events, you need to invest in special events insurance.

Several types of businesses may benefit from a purchasing a special event insurance policy. These businesses host flea markets, put on shows, plan weddings, or host public or private parties of any kind. Sometimes event liability insurance is required in order to rent a venue for an event.

If you’re not already covered, purchase liability insurance, as well.

Liability Coverage

Like most types of insurance, event liability insurance will help protect you in case an accident occurs during the event. Event liability insurance can be purchased by businesses or individuals looking to hold private parties with expensive investments, so in case anything goes wrong they do not need to pay out of pocket. Special event insurance usually covers:

  • Bodily injury as a result of the event coordination (unstable floors, slippery stairs, etc.) and will pay medical bills of anyone injured at the affair.
  • Property damage that occurs at the gathering, to the owner of the venue, expensive equipment, or personal property.
  • Insurance policies can usually cover up to 10 consecutive event days, including set up and tear down.
  • Liquor liability protects against alcohol-related accidents if liquor is being sold at the event.

Purchasing Tips

If your sponsor or venue requires proof of event insurance, or you simply want to be sure you are covered in case of an accident, be sure to get multiple quotes and shop around to get the best deal and coverage. Depending on the size and investment of your event, different companies will offer different amounts of coverage.

  • You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars on your special event insurance. A standard cocktail party for up to 300 guests estimates about $400 for a standard $1 million coverage policy (with liquor liability it could add up to $700).
  • Have a clear number of guests, decorations, venue requirements, and other details before setting out to find a quote. Take into account as many risks as you can, as there will likely be some unexpected damage.
  • Some policies can be purchased online, and you can receive email reports instantly confirming your coverage even if left to the last minute.

Even if your venue doesn’t require you at have some time of event liability insurance, you should still seriously consider investing in some. Social gatherings are meant to offer guests a good time, but they may end up causing quite the opposite to happen. In order to protect yourself from a resulting lawsuit, or from having to cover expensive damages, find an event insurance policy that matches the scope of your event.

If you’re interested in special events insurance, you may also want to look at retail displays and plasma displays for your next event. 

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We're matching you to top-rated
Special Events Insurance vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...