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Tips for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning provides businesses with a direction in which to follow. It is similar to a guidebook, something to look back on to make sure the business is on track with the goals set for the company’s present and future successes. A strategic plan considers your history, and dives into the role your business presently plays in the market with precise, measurable milestones to help you evaluate your improvement to reach your goals in the future.

Companies that help with strategic planning, will help you with the following:

  • Mission statement
  • Principles we hold
  • Vision of the company
  • What can’t we control?
  • What can we control?
  • Objective
  • Strategies
  • Action planning
  • Budgeting
  • Application and amending of plans

The planning method benefits in building a learning organization, where colleagues and the strategic planners are bound together by a deep connection to the mission.

“Without strategic planning the community will never know where it is going-much less know if it ever got there.” (Best Practices)