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Tablets Tips

Tablets are growing in popularity daily. Probably the best known PC tablet is the Apple iPad, but there are other popular tablets, such as the Android tablet and the Samsung tablet.

What sets a tablet apart from a standard computer or laptop is the touch screen. Users access email and the web via the touch screen. If the tablet is to be used for extended typing, keyboards are available to be purchased separately.

The wifi tablet is frequently used for watching movies and playing games. Applications, or apps, are downloaded to the wifi tablet and add functionality such as gaming, texting, and access to news and social networking sites. Many apps are free. The tablet computer is also very popular as an e-reader.

The iPad ranges in price from $250 to $999 dollars, based on storage capacity. Apps are available from the iTunes store. The Samsung tablet is the best-selling Android tablet and also varies in price according to storage capacity. Android refers to the operating system. Apps for the Samsung can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace.

A PC tablet comes with wifi for Internet access. Many also come with 3G, which is the same technology that a cell phone uses to connect to the Internet. Accessories such as cases, styluses, and keyboards make the tablet easier to use. A tablet is easy to carry, great for gaming and social networking, and can be used to watch movies and television shows even when the user is on the go.