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Timeclocks Tips

There is a reason why so many businesses have been using the time tested timecard to keep track of their employees for generations. These timeclocks create an easily referenced account of an employees time spent on the job, without a bunch of confusion over minutes and hours. The truth is that with people trailing in and out at variable times, you can't always keep track of the minutes. When an employee comes to you with a claim of pay discrepancy, you have the punchcard from the previous week to show where the mistake lies. This is really the major benefit of timeclocks. The ability to easily keep track of your employees hours in a manageable format is an invaluable necessity in business. The great thing is that many of these newer time clocks don't necessarily use the old style punchcard or timecard that you may be used to seeing.

Many newer time clocks use an electronic version of a punch card, creating a virtual log in that goes directly to your HR departments timesheet for the week. The benefits of using this technology really can't be overstated. By transferring punch card information directly to a timesheet in your central HR office, you are not only saving yourself the time of transferring the information from the physical card to your computer, but you're also saving money on the expense of storing older cards for reference. The extent to which a little forethought can streamline your business is unimaginable with newly available technologies.

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We're matching you to top-rated
Timeclocks vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...