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Tractors Tips

Looking to own an agricultural business or run a farm? A tractor will be on the list of machinery you will be in the market for. The agrarian undertakings you will be engaging in is important when you decide on size, model and HP. The following questions will aid in conducting research prior to your purchase.

• Is the use of the tractor to gain revenue?

• Will profits solely depend on its dependability?

• What type of fuel is the tractor? (Petroleum or Diesel)

• Will the tractor be used every day, once a week, only when it snows?

• What is the weather like in the area? Does it snow? Is it humid? Do you experience all four seasons? Does the farm experience muddy grounds?

• Will four- wheel drive be a must?

• What HP am I seeking?

• Will the inclement weather be cold, hot, or wet, or dusty while baling the hay?

• Do I want to perform maintenance myself?

• What are my deal breaker features?

• Is a large scale sales and service support network important to me?

• Will replacement parts be difficult to attain?

• Does the tractor meet my safety needs?

• Does it have a ROPS?" (roll over protective structure)

Four- wheel drive is important in pulling out of mud, snow and other foundation issues you may come across. It will also haul bigger loads. For bigger jobs heavy duty tractors plow land, pull stumps or bundle hay, dig surface holes, cut troughs, and break up the soil.

Big or small, this checklist is beneficial in the renting or purchasing of a tractor.