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Trade Show Displays: A Guide

Business owners use trade show displays to maximize their company’s branding, marketing and visibility among competitors at a time when networking couldn’t be more important. Companies that specialize in trade show displays can be beneficial in customizing your company’s graphics, creating banners and offering advice for pop-up displays and tabletop demonstrations.

Because people are often more attracted to visual demonstrations and comparisons, trade show displays are important to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. They can provide you with all of the materials you need to make your display effective. They can also help to design your display elements for maximum customer appeal.

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Types of Displays

  • Table top cloths
  • Banners
  • Popups
  • Panel exhibits
  • Hybrid displays
  • Graphic tents
  • Banner stands


While the tradeshow world was on the decline, a rise in social and mobile in 2012 brought it back to life. Technology and increasingly populated business world are forcing companies to become more creative when it comes to showing off your work. From tower displays and portable podiums, to hanging features and truss systems, the options are never ending when it comes to displaying the best your business has to offer.

  • Working with a display professional gives you access to a wide variety of pop-up, portable trade show materials you can use to promote your company, brand, product or service.
  • Depending on your specific product and display needs, you can acquire and use banner stands, pop-up displays, tabletop displays, fabric displays and truss systems – all of which can be branded for optimal impressions.
  • The trade show display provider you choose can work with you to create custom display materials that showcase your products and services in a positive, compelling, and attention-grabbing way. By involving you in the design and implementation phases, your provider can ensure that you will get a display that represents your company just as you intend it to.

Special Considerations

While it seems simple enough to order a box of free promotional items, a few banners and a table top cloth, the process should be a bit more thought through. Before purchasing your display materials or soliciting the assistance of a display designer, you should take into account the following considerations:

  • Usage. How often will you be visiting trade shows? If you do not anticipate using them regularly, make sure your displays are designed to be long-lasting, both in materials and design. Avoid investing in a display design that will be obsolete or outdated after only a few trade shows. Make sure the information featured in the display will be relevant in the long-term, and keep it free of product information or business details that can frequently change.
  • Quantity. Are you the only one in your business attending trade shows, or are you sending out your entire sales staff regularly? Make sure that you have ordered enough displays for the number of sales staff you’ll be sending out and the number of trade shows you’ll be sending them to.
  • Style. What type of display will work best for your business, your products, and your transportation capabilities? Make sure that you choose displays you are able to transport and set up effectively – otherwise they’ll sit in storage while you attend the show empty-handed. Keep in mind any electrical or battery needs your display may have and be prepared to address those needs.

Well-designed, attractive trade show displays can help attract potential customers to your booth. The right display will be easy to transport and easy to set up, and display relevant company information in a way that is easy for your customers to absorb.

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