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Training Software Tips

Training management software should provide your company with an automated process for bringing employees up to speed on common processes of your company. Software training also minimizes the overhead spent on trainers, and gives everyone in the company a standard by which to process their understanding of company process. Training management software also helps with your company with external regulatory compliance.

If you prefer human trainers, or if you need to train employees in various locations, there are also training software solutions which allow remote software training. Each trainee is online learning from the same presenter, and can view the screen of the presenter and ask questions in real time.

Some of the features that the training software solution that you pick should contain:

1. Allow you to meet all ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 19011, and OHSAS 18001 training management requirements.

2. Keep a history of trainings for both external and internal audit preparedness.

3. The ability to send alerts for overdue training requirements

4. Ability to track training progress and requirements at multiple levels including location, facility, division, department, work group, job title, and employee.

5. Ability to incorporate online learning

6. Automatic scheduling of training to maximize time and ensure consistency.

7. Send alerts that are automated to employees that are required to complete training

The right software is sure to optimize any time that your company has to spend during the training process, as well as the manpower used. It is an essential component for businesses today to have.

We're matching you to top-rated
deleted-Training Software vendors...
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We're matching you to top-rated
deleted-Training Software vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...