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Quick Guide to Transcription Services

Transcription Services Overview
Most of the time, transcription services are used by legal or medical professionals. However, they can be used in other situations as well. Use them to take notes for meetings, documenting important calls, to fine tune sales presentations, or to preserve a speech or lecture.

How do they work?
Typically, a transcription company either provides you with a recording device or an 800# for dictation purposes. The transcriber then edits and formats the data. The turn around time can be as short as 12-24 hours, although some companies will guarantee faster turn around times for an additional fee.

Things to Consider
- Don't dictate in an overly noisy environment. The transcriber will need to hear you, not other noise around you, in order to ensure accuracy.

- If the company doesn't provide you with equipment to record, make sure you use quality equipment that will allow you to be heard clearly, with minimal feedback and background noise.

- Many names of individuals are not pronounced the same as they are spelled or have multiple variations so be sure to spell any names out in order to maintain accuracy.

- Try your best to avoid the space filler words of "um," "like," and "yeah."