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Travel Accessories Tips

What is the necessary travel gear every savvy traveller must have besides a New York Times bestseller and latte?

• Wheeled suitcase: will help you maneuver quickly through the airport, to avoid added fees, many of them are small enough to take as carry-on luggage.

• Daypack (purse) can hold snacks and water bottles: Imperative for the traveller on the run, especially since many airlines charge for snacks or have eliminated food from flights.

• GPS: Whether you’re walking cycling or renting a vehicle a gps system will tell you where you are at all times.

• Comfortable shoes: Being fashionable will not aid in walking through long terminals in time to catch the next flight, train or bus.

• Toiletries: meds, glasses, baby wipes (perfect for spills and sticky fingers)

• Money belt: avoid pick pocketers

• Rain gear: Never know what the weather may bring.

• Small travel alarm clock: Never rely on just your cellphone or the hotel alarm phone calls (many times there could be glitches in their system).

• Voltage converter and power strip: Foreign nations have different outlets and voltage

• Map/guidebook: Helpful when new to a destination.

• Backup documents-copies of passports, tickets, identification.

A business traveller or vacationer this list provides all the travel accessories necessary for a comfortable trip.

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We're matching you to top-rated
deleted-Travel Accessories vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...