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Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance coverage is responsible for unforeseen risks and financial setbacks that can come about before a trip starts and while you are traveling. Travel insurance is obtained for short and long term travels, plus domestic and especially international trips.

Reasons for travel insurance include:

• Trip cancellations

• Trip interruptions

• Travel delay

• Missed connections

• Lost, stolen, damaged bags

• Baggage delays

• Medical care-arranges for medical coverage if you are sick or injured during your travels. Consist of transportation, tests, treatments, medicines and more

• Provides exclusion waiver that allows medical coverage for pre-existing conditions

• Emergency evacuations

• Return of remains

• Car rental coverage

• Accidental death and dismemberment

• Flight accident

• Assistance services

In addition, you can purchase additional coverage not provided in the general coverage of basic travel insurance. Such as wounds due to adventure activities, lost sports gear, risk of identity theft or stolen passports. In this instance a package plan may be right for you.

Package plans circle around:

• General travel: Cruises, family trips, senior travel, business trips

• Domestic and international trips

• Cancellations Normally travel insurance package plans cost about four percent to eight percent of the total cost of the trip. Length of travel and age of travellers influence the price, for instance senior citizens or those with pre-existing conditions will pay more, for they are more likely to need medical assistance. Travel insurance or travel medical insurance is valuable on any trip.