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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the way that your company is going to save money on doing business while still maintaining personal contact with your clients. Over time, you will learn to replace an expensive plane trip with a video call or video conference that will offer the same results. With the advances in web conferencing, you can share documents and work on final drafts without ever leaving your office.

When you consider the costs of going to a customer site for a meeting, it can make you wonder how your company profits from business travel. The costs of the flight, hotel, rental car, food and entertaining the clients can get to be astronomical. With video conferencing, you can get face time with the client through a video call, and still close the deal. Web conferencing is much more than just sitting in front of a camera and talking into a computer. You can upload documents that can be worked on in real time and then print out the final results for you and your client.

Using a video conference service can actually expand your customer contact. For example, instead of having your top customers talk to your technical support people over the telephone, you can get your technician to show the solution to the client over a video feed. It expands what you can do for the client, and it improves customer interaction. Step into the Internet age by using video services to maintain personal contact with your clients. Your customer service levels will go up, while your travel costs remain low.