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VoIP Phone Systems Available for Businesses

VoIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular with startup and established businesses because of the minimal items needed to incorporate the system into the office environment.  

Equipment Requirements

The first requirement for a VoIP system is high speed Internet. Since ip phone system voice and data run on the same network as your Internet, make sure your network will be able to handle the added traffic. You can also have your VoIP system provider test your network’s capabilities. If you aren’t currently using a broadband Internet program, expect a minimal change in cost to accommodate your needs.

The next piece of equipment necessary is a VoIP adapter, which will connect to your current phone and allow you and your employees to make calls with the VoIP phone system. A large majority of VoIP service providers will be able to provide your business with a digital phone system in order for you to use the VoIP system. At the same time, you could use a microphone with your computer, or purchase specialized VoIP phones, but these alternatives can become incredibly expensive.

Your VOIP Options

Businesses everywhere are finding that “unified communications” services are the best VoIP option. Unified communications services provide a full functional, scalable communication solution for businesses.

They typically offer, VoIP telephony, fax, voice mail, e-mail, web conference and other business solutions in to one user-friendly interface. For many businesses, this allows a smoother transition between the different communication channels.

An example of unified communications is a VoIP service that integrates with Customer Relationship Management software and Outlook. CRM integration with VoIP will allow greater efficiency with your customer relations.

A VoIP UC can often automatically retrieve customer data on an incoming call. This allows company reps to have the customer history pop up in front of them. Customer reps aren’t the only employees who can see benefits from VoIP, many services will provide voicemail, email, cell phone integration on the same interface.

Invest in a new CRM system with one of our high-quality, hand picked vendors.

What It Can Do

As previously mentioned, VoIP business phone system will run voice and data on the same network. This can greatly reduce monthly costs. VoIP devices have simple, intuitive user interfaces, so users can often make simple system configuration changes.

Whether your business wants just voice or a unified communication system will determine how much cost savings you will experience. Often, a unified communications system will provide your company with the biggest cost savings. Telecommunications costs savings average around 30% after switching to VoIP. Read more about cost in our Buyer’s Guide.

VoIP services will be able to grow as your business grows. There will be no need to go out and buy additional hardware, and then ask the IT guy to set it up. A simple phone call to your service provider will be all that is needed to add additional lines of service. There are numerous advanced features that will be able to give your business an advantage with efficiency. Some of these features include advanced call forwarding, electronic messaging, three-way conferencing, and videoconferencing. 

Businesses, large and small are taking advantage of the jumps in technology and the advent of VoIP services. Very few requirements are necessary to move over to this type of phone system. If you are interested in learning about how much costs you can cut with VoIP, It would be beneficial to compare VoIP systems and providers to find the best deal with the best vendor.

Find voice over IP phone system providers in your state by searching our Local State Directory. Find other types of phone systems by searching our subcategory pages.

If you’re interested in VOIP systems, consider choosing one of our vendors for your VOIP service, as well.


We're matching you to top-rated
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We're matching you to top-rated
Phone Systems vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...