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Quick Guide to Web Conferencing

Web conferencing has becoming increasingly popular with businesses and individuals as travel costs increase. In challenging economic times, business travel budgets can be tight. However, you may still need to meet regularly with customers, clients, and colleagues that are located outside of your area.

Many discerning businesses find the solution they are looking for by utilizing web conferencing software applications. With so many individuals going to the Web to conduct business, web conferencing is becoming more significant with today’s product and service industries. 

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Benefits of Web Conferencing

Web conferencing software enables you to connect with others through your computer, microphone, and webcam.  Web conferencing offers a range of different features that are not available through a simple phone conversation. It features a live video feed of each speaker through web cams or digital video programs, as well as audio, text chat, and shared whiteboard applications.

  • Web conferencing software can feature recording of the conference for later usage, group and private live chat, and screen or desktop sharing so participants can see what’s happening on the other person’s computer screen.
  • Web conference is appropriate for a number of uses, including: company meetings, training events, lectures, and presentations. You can use it to meet with remote employees or check in on other office locations or outsourced service providers.
  • There are reliable web conferencing software applications available from established nationwide providers. These providers can furnish you with software apps designed to facilitate easy and effective conferencing on the web. You can utilize software downloaded to your computer or device, or utilize cloud-based web conferencing software through any device with an internet connection and a webcam.

Special Considerations

Purchasing and utilizing web conferencing software can make meeting with your employees and clients easier, more convenient, and far less expensive than the cost of a plane ticket. As with any software implementation, it is important to choose the right software for your business needs, train your employees in how to use the software, and to pick a software  provider who will deliver the highest value in product and customer service solutions at a price within your budget.

  • The software. The right software can facilitate communication within your business and quickly pay for itself in reduced travel costs – but only if it’s right for your company. Test out ahead of time any software you’re thinking about purchasing, either with a free trial or in-store demo. Make sure that the interface is easy to navigate and that the software’s usability is on an easy learning curve. Don’t pay for features that you can’t or won’t use.
  • Onboarding. The money you put into a web conferencing solution is wasted if your teammates can’t or won’t use it. See if your software vendor provides employee training or other assistance to speed up the implementation process and maximize the returns on your investment.
  • The provider. Look for a software vendor that is reputable, with good reviews of both the software the service. It should provide your business with sufficient customer support to deal with any problems you may have with the software. Look over the terms before signing a contract with any software or service provider.

Web conferencing can revolutionize the way that your business operates by obviating the need for in-person meetings and conferences. Instead, you can meet with employees, clients, and colleagues remotely through the trifecta of your webcam, your computer, and your internet connection. Make sure that your company has purchased enough bandwidth to support video streaming. With the right software and provider, web conferencing can benefit your business in many ways.

If you’re interested in web conderencing, you may also want to look at LCD projectors and video conferencing.

We're matching you to top-rated
Web Conferencing vendors...
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We're matching you to top-rated
Web Conferencing vendors...
... reviewing the details of your request ...