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Wholesale Flowers are healthier for the Planet

Local family-owned businesses should be your first choice when it comes to shopping, home improvement and services. Fresh flowers are a key element in home and office decor, helping to reduce stress, elevate mood and create a pleasing ambiance. You can make the experience even better by purchasing organically grown flowers instead of commercial flowers. When you buy wholesale flowers from local organic flower farms instead of a commercial florist you are doing your part to save the planet while you save money and beautify your home and office spaces. Just as you buy fruit, vegetables and dairy products from family farms, you can buy fresh flowers wholesale from flower farms. Some organic flower farms have websites and sell online flowers nationwide just like commercial flowers.

Buying wholesale flowers is healthier for the planet and for you and your family. When you buy from a commercial florist you're paying a higher price for industrially grown flowers from places like Ecuador and Brazil. The workers are often exploited mercilessly and the plants smothered with dangerous pesticides. It's so much better to deal with a family company, get to know the people and their products, and establish the kind of personal trust that was once common in your grandmother's time. Many flower farms allow you to roam through the fields and pick your own flowers and greens. They may sell bouquets and arrangements that can be made up to order. Family farms that sell online flowers may also offer fruits, herbs, seeds, books and gifts.