The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

There are many benefits of having a VoIP phone system in your office.  Along with saving you money, VoIP systems can offer you a wide variety of service features, as well as office-to-office connectivity and mobility options.

VoIP systems are a plus for both small and large businesses.  Though the number of employees will affect the cost of your VoIP system and the features you select in your VoIP package, any size business can greatly benefit from choosing to use VoIP rather than costly traditional PSTN phone systems.  

Businesses that have multiple office locations should definitely consider using VoIP.  Because VoIP works through Internet connections, offices can be connected to a company-wide data network.  This allows extension dialing to any office, regardless of the location.  Think of how convenient it would be to have the ability to call any of your offices, even those located internationally, by simply dialing an extension. 

If your business requires a lot of travel, VoIP is also the right choice for you.  With a VoIP system, you can travel anywhere and still be able to work with your same phone number.  This feature is also ideal for businesses that frequently change locations or frequently makes long-distance or international calls.      

VoIP Service Features

A VoIP service offers many phone service features that come standard in all VoIP systems at no additional costs.  You may also be able to select extra features which will allow you to customize your phone system to your business needs.

Some standard features include:

  • Call Blocking – If you don’t want to receive a call from a specific number, you can add it to a list and the call will be blocked.
  • Call Forwarding – Calls can be automatically forwarded to another number, such as your cell phone, if you are out of the office for an extended period of time.  Calls can also be directly forwarded to your voice mail.
  • Caller ID – Allows you to know who is calling before you answer the phone.
  • Voicemail – Callers can leave messages directly on your phone if you miss their call
  • Fax – Send faxes using your VoIP line.
  • 3-Way Calling – Enables you to talk with two people at the same time, allowing all parties to talk to each other.
  • Last Number Redial – You can conveniently call the last number you dialed with the simple push of a button.

Additional features may include:

  • Softphone Support - Allows you to use softphone software on you personal computer, which is ideal for travel or working from home.
  • Customized Hold Music – When placed on hold, callers can hear the music of your choice, or specialized messages about your company.
  • Find Me/Follow Me – Receive calls on a number of different phones.  Ideal for someone who frequently leaves their desk, when a call is placed to their phone and is not answer, a number of other phones will ring in a sequential order, such as a cell phone or a phone located at another desk.
  • Outlook Integration – Click and send calls from your Outlook email box.
  • Conferencing – VoIP makes it easy to conduct both phone and video conference calls.

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