Buyer Guide to Access Control Systems

Proper security of information and property is an essential responsibility as a business owner. Access control is a system that allows your business to manage access to certain, specific areas and resources. Access control mediates and controls users’ attempts to gain access to business property or resources.

There is a common belief that most access control systems are elaborate, expensive technology networks that is a hassle to install and maintain. This isn’t necessarily true, modern access control technology has matured, making it a cost effective option for businesses looking to ramp up their security systems. Today businesses small to large can get access control systems tailored to their building size and network capacity, and budget.

It’s important to differentiate the two main types of access control systems. First, there are physical access control systems which include biometrics, key cards and key pads; typically used to restrict access to valuable property and assets. These systems go beyond simply allowing access and admission to restricted areas. Most systems will keep a log of who enters and exits given areas, allowing managers visible employee and intruder monitoring information.

The second type is digital access control systems which work to protect your information technology. The main purpose of these authentication and access control systems are to ensure appropriate access of information on mainframes, servers, and business computers. This can be done with a myriad of different methods ranging from passwords and encryptions to formal business policies. Although these digital access control systems may be offered to you by access control system vendors; because the two systems are quite different this buyer guide will focus on physical access control systems for business.

When planning to implement access control systems you should lay out basic security procedures and mechanisms needed. You should plan for additional security needs as your business grows. This Buyer Guide will work to inform you on the basics of access control systems and what to look for in your access control system purchasing decision.

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