Benefits of Access Control Systems

The need for access control in every office building is generally acknowledged. However, these systems are as basic as key entry or as complex as facial scanning. The obvious benefit of access control systems is to limit the entry of un-authorized intruders or personnel.  Protecting your business against damage, theft and protecting your employees from harm. Both small business with simple one way access control needs and large corporations with multiple security gateways can ramp up protection with access control systems.

Minimize Long Term Costs
Electronic access control systems have no need for lock changing. Many of them can be re-programmed easily and reduces the need for additional services. Also, with big businesses that employ the likes of security guards, access control can either reduce your need for guards or eliminate it.  If your business decides to use smart card access control, you will be able to simply re-program new cards in the event of theft or loss.  In any case electronic access control eliminates security system headaches because it often takes as little as 5-10 minutes to make changes to the access control system.

Keeping a Record of Who is Coming and Going
There are two key benefits of increased access control visibility. The first is in case of an emergency, your reports will be able to tell authorities, who was in and out of the office at a particular time.

The next would be time and attendance system integration. Controlling your employee access can also be a virtual time clock for managing employee time. Knowing when your employees are in the office, and when they have left can be integrated with time and attendance systems. Some packages can even integrate your electronic security system with time clock software to track and record your employee hours. 

Overall security is ramped up with access control systems. They are long term purchase decisions that are scalable and can be customized around your business needs, and depending on various levels of security access requirements. Even if you do trust your employees fully, a scary statistic comes from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which says that, 75% of all employees steal at least once from their employer. With proper access control systems, executives no longer have to worry about employees being where they are not supposed to be.

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