Planning for Access Control Systems

Before you start receiving price quotes from access control system vendors you will need to asses the scope at which your business needs access control systems. Determine the main purpose of your system and who will be given access to each area.

The level of security with each room is also an important factor to take in to consideration. If you are just protecting a storage room with paper and low cost supplies, simple keypads or non-electric systems may work just fine. Determining the scope of your security will keep your business from overspending. You don’t want to install retina scanners for a janitor closet, just like your wouldn’t want to install a universal PIN for the from door of your company.

Electronic access control systems are the most common package you will receive from vendors because they are able to integrate with real time reporting and offer other benefits to your company. You will need to know if you want your business to track its employees’ time and attendance through doorway systems.

Write down the number of doors your system will be installed on. If you are managing a larger facility on multiple locations, think about networked access control management. This will allow you to be remotely controlling the security processes of your business in locations.

What Level Locks Do You Need?
The two main locking methods that can be installed on your doors: electric strikes and magnetic locks.

Magnetic Locks-  Installing magnetic locks is typically cheaper than electric locks. Magnetic locks can range in the level of security but many have locking forces of up to 2,000- 3,000 lbs. There are lock detection features integrated with modern magnetic locks that allow for convenient integrations with control access computers.

Electric Strikes- In most cases electric strikes will be the best option for your business. A known rule in the security industry is “for exit doors that don’t need to be controlled, always use electric strikes.” This makes the compliance with regulations much easier. Compliance with regulations is usually easier. Plus, electric strikes are relatively cheap running around $45-$100 per system, so the option is made easy. Fail-secure electric strikes are great for securing a door because they require little modification of the existing door.

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