Prices and Tips for Access Control Systems

Each specific access control requirement can vary the costs substantially, and in turn listing average security system costs may not be relevant to your business. You will want to discuss pricing with your vendor, but know what to ask for and what features will add greater costs.

General costs can include keypad and card based control systems which are usually priced around $1000- $2,000 without installation. According to Security Sales, “Average price charged per door/entryway for an access control system is $1,374.” This figure is likely based on the fact that per door costs decrease as you ad additional doors.  The average number of doorways a business secures per installation is 7, totaling an average $9,618 per installation.

A full service system with biometric technology, electric locks and full network capabilities can more than $8,500. However if you are just looking for the most “barebones” of access control, think within the price range of $600-$1,500 for proper security. In addition to these prices consider these facts from Security Sales, Access Control Statistics:

•    Almost half (47 percent) of access control installations are networked.
•    Large companies ($10 million or more in annual revenues) are putting in an average of 120access systems on an annual basis.
•    On average, dealers/integrators say 36 percent of their access control installations include some sort of integration with video surveillance, intrusion or other security systems.

With your access control purchase you should look to get 24 hour support and monitored services. When talking with access control security system vendors, ask about the lifetime customer support.

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