Buyer Guide to Answering Services

The thing about customer service is, if your business is unsuccessful with it, it’s more likely your competition will shine where you fail to shimmer. One of the many hurdles small businesses struggle to overcome is capitalizing on opportunities to deliver great customer service. In order to create customer service efficiencies and sales force competitive advantages, businesses are investing in outsourced answering services. Whether it is building and fostering valuable relationships or speaking with new client prospects, answering services can boost your company’s client relations.

The majority of customer contact with a business is over the phone, according to a Syntellect study on the different ways customers choose to contact a business; it was found that over 82% of customer interaction is settled over the phone. Sure, email, contact forms and live chats are great, but the trusty telephone is still favored by the vast majority of people looking to have questions answered. It only makes sense that your business is dedicating resources to answer calls from customers.

Call answering services work by forwarding your businesses inbound calls to live representatives that handle customer inquiries, take messages, forward calls and cross-sell products. These services in the past have been particularly useful for businesses looking to save a few extra dollars on hiring an in-house receptionist. However, nowadays answering services are driving strategic growth in the customer relations and sales segment of many businesses. Businesses are leverage answering services to provide 24 hour call center support, improve call handling with integrated CRM applications and deal with special requests. Answering services have a wide variety of features available to you, so making sure you understand exactly what your business needs is important before you sign the dotted line.

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