Answering Services Introduction

Integrating answering services to your call center outsourcing plan has a myriad of benefits. For example, purposes. Let’s say your business receives 100 phone calls a day, and around 20 of them either aren’t answered or go to voicemail. According to an Enrollment Resources claim, through their research they’ve found, “that up to 61% of people calling off of an ad will drop the call if met with voice mail.” This means, potentially 12 customers a day will abandon a call, amounting to around 4,380 customer losses a year. If your business has revenue of $100 per customer, you are neglecting to cater to $438,500 worth of customers. Whether you are looking to maximize ROI on your customer care team or improve revenue generating activities, more and more businesses are finding that outsourcing their inbound call center makes financial sense.

Cost Advantages
Outsourcing answering services can be much cheaper than hiring full time representatives. Most small businesses don’t need a salaried worker manning inbound phone lines at all times. If you want to answer you phone in-house one day, and have answering services handle it the next day, you are allowed this flexibility. Some answering services can provide assistance for as little as $150 a month but most pricing models are based on a $1 per call price structure. Either option makes them much cheaper than a $2,000/ month full time worker. Keep this budget in mind when talking to different types of vendors. To see the different types that might appeal to your business, view the answering services vendors subcategories.

Extended Hours
Most customers expect that a business, especially if it is online, has a method for timely contact. If your businesses core product is time sensitive or overly complicated, a 24- hour support line will be popular amongst customers. Most companies are finding value in answering services’ 24-hour availability and the ability to turn on or off call forwarding to answering services companies. VoIP PBX systems will forward calls that don’t reach anyone at your office to answering services. The caller will have no idea nobody in your office was able to answer the call.

Employee Flexibility
Most businesses outsource an inbound call center because of flexibility. Inbound call centers help with seasonality trends, heavy volume periods and promotional campaigns so it is cost-effective for you to respond to a heavy influx of inquiries and leads.

Improving Sales
Higher productivity and call center efficiency can flow over the whole business. It seems almost too ideal, but your business will improve its customer retention processes with improved sales practices. If your sales team is answering inbound calls, you will also be able to focus your sales efforts to only forward direct sales oriented queries to sales people. With this, however you will need to implement advanced call routing (ACR) to your current VoIP system.

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