Answering Services Tips

When preparing your answering services plan, it is important to understand what your business is trying to accomplish. Are you trying to deal with primarily angry customers? Are your inbound call centers ripe for cross-selling initiatives? How much power are you going to give your representatives to settle disputes?

Get Referrals – All answering services and call center companies should be able to provide you referrals. The referrals will give you a live case study of how the service will benefit your specific company.

What Additional Features Do They Offer - Answering services are rapidly becoming comprehensive customer care solutions. They specialize in answering contact form questions, responding to customer complaints to delivering emails. If you would like a full service answering solution, be sure to request a list of features from each vendor.

Where is the Company Located? – Sometimes the location can impact call center performance. If you are looking to forward calls to representatives with foreign language capabilities you may want to look overseas. Call center companies in other countries are sometimes far more advanced in their scope of features and capabilities.

Don’t Be Blinded By Cost - Make sure you’ve allocated a budget for answering services of around $125 to $200 per month, depending on your company’s size. Most answering services charge on a “per minute” or “per call” basis, but fixed rates are also available. Comparing rates between vendors is often very difficult because of the wide range of features and pricing plans, so price shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

Has the Vendor Worked Within Your Industry? – If your business offers a specialized service, ask the company if they have worked with other clients that have a similar offering. Experience is always important, because the call center staff will be able to more fully understand what you do, why you do it, and how your business operates.

Try It – Before signing with a company be sure to ask for a trial of their services.

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