Appointment Setting Terms

Attrition Rate (Attr)  The rate at which sales that agents make are canceled. You find the attrition rate by dividing the number of cancels by the number of sales.

Incremental Value Analysis

 A method that estimates the value of adding or subtracting an agent.
Hot Lead The prospective client has a definite need for the product or service of your company and would like to talk more in detail. A face to face meeting would be booked by an appointment setter.
Sales Pipeline  The way a sales process is visualized within a company.

 A standard set of remarks that must be adhered to by a call center agent during a call. Scripts can help to ensure all of the pertinent information is delivered to the prospective client, but they also sometimes limit a conversation.

Predictive Dialing
 A system that automatically places outbound calls and delivers answered calls to agents. When the dialer detects busy signals or no answer, it puts the number back in queue.
Open Ticket A customer contact that has not yet been completed or resolved.
List Building This is the process of creating lists of people to call in a telemarketing campaign.
Based on the notion that people like to buy products from people like them. The sales team will be trained to assess the personality of the individual and given the power to change their sales strategy accordingly.

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