Appointment Setting Tips

A good call center is vital the success of your appointment setting experience. Certain companies work better with certain industries

View Vendor History
If the vendor has previous experience providing telemarketing services your industry it may be a good fit. If they have experience setting appointment for an industry that is very different than yours, you may want to dig deeper.

Provide Your Own Leads
Many appointment schedulers will offer the ability to purchase their own lists or use your own. Acquiring your own leads before you send them to an appointment setter will give you basis for their effectiveness. You can easily cross reference their success rates with yours if you use the same call leads. The list should be filtered based on criteria specific to your business, such as gross revenue, length of time in business and desired service.

Listen to a Sample Pitch
Perhaps the most telling aspect of a service is testing it out yourself. Whether you are putting your number on the call list to test the call agent secretly or asking the company specifically to call you, this step is important for understanding what areas can be improved.

Follow Up With Successful Appointments
A follow up call is important to increase the chance of closing. After a meeting is schedule the appointment setters will send the client information to you. You will then need to follow up with the prospect individually to ensure that the meeting is still on and the client is still interested. This often happens the day after the day after the appointment is set. There are a myriad of different telemarketing options your business has, it is vital that you know what each service does before integrating your business with their services.

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