Benefits of Appointment Setting

Appointment setting can benefit your company by improving your sales lead cycle. If your salespeople are spending the majority of their time cold calling or answering calls from potential customer, they are not using their fundamental skill sets in selling a product/ service. Research shows that in most companies, the sales pipeline can be streamlined. According to CSO Insights, almost 70% of a salesperson’s time is spent on non-revenue generating activities. According to the same study, on average, nearly 24% of time is spent researching accounts and generating leads, 19% of their time is spent on administrative tasks and meetings, and 16% of their time is spent on service calls, training, and miscellaneous tasks.

High Quality Appointments.
The best appointment setters use proven methods to get your salespeople more, higher quality meetings on the phone or in person. The quality of these meetings often depends on whom within the business your salesperson is meeting with and what initial expectations were set by the appointment setter. In most cases, an appointment setter will work to get an appointment with a Vice President or someone who has executive control with purchasing decisions. Not only does this speed up the sales cycle, but it improves the chances of a second meeting. In most cases, with a combination of quality leads from your appointment setters and a competent sale team, a second meeting is scheduled around 30-50% of the time.

Takes Out the Legwork
The majority of time taken in a sales cycle is setting up a meeting. Once the legwork of finding the right executives for a meeting is done with appointment setters, the salespeople can focus on their areas of expertise. The appointment setters will work to fill your sales pipeline and all your team needs to do is close. They will receive all of the contact information, and notes on the account for future use.

Reports on Valuable Information
Sometimes the failures to make appointments can provide crucial data for strategic decision making. It is sometimes equally important to know what a prospect doesn’t want to hear, as it is for your business to set up a successful meeting. Appointment setters will keep a log history of all their outbound and inbound calls and generate reports on any crucial information; from hard data like response rate successes to soft data such as pattern and trends with their campaigns. This detailed data can assist in adjusting your marketing and product development department’s strategy.

Cost Savings
Outsourcing appointment scheduling to appointment setters can save as much as 50% of your costs. Cost savings vary from business to business but Leading National Studio was able to achieve a 4:1 ROI from appointment setters according to a Thumbs Up Marketing case study. The firms provide an infrastructure that saves your business workforce expenses, overhead and taxes.

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