Pricing for Appointment Setters

Many businesses looking for appointment setting services will base a substantial portion of their purchasing decision on the price of each solution. However, although pricing is important, it should influence, not guide the vendor seeking process.

Most appointment setting services run around $50 per hour. There is often a setup fee of around $250-$500 which will pay for the time to layout your strategy, customizations and script writing. Depending on if you are getting your own leads or if you are using another lead source will also change the price. Many appointment setting services will have their own lists, but these will cost a bit more. Because there is a lot of backend processes to setup, such as strategy formulation, overcoming key difficulties and making sure the appointment setters are prepared for service; many companies will require a minimum payment of 50-75 hours. A minimum capital outlay runs $2,500-$3,750. After this is paid for, your business is able to modify the campaign variably.

Depending on the scale of your calling campaign, you will need to establish a budget depending on how many hours you would like dedicated to appointment setting services. A small campaign is typically 20-30 hours where a large campaign runs around 80 hours per month. This gives you a variable cost pricing negotiable around $1,000- $4,000 per month. However with each investment comes an ROI. If an appointment setting service is maximizing your sales staff’s time and generates a return on investment it will be worth it to keep investing. The first 3-6 months of appointment setting service will give you a good feel for your ROI. If your business has the flexibility, it should play with the levers of appointment setting. For instance, one month employing 40 hours of service and the next month 60 just to gauge where your profit maximizing point is. You will likely need to tailor the amount of hours you employ appointment setters on a variable, per month basis.

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