Steps to Appointment Setting

When working with an inbound call center, visualize the business segment as an iceberg. The majority of your work is done initially, below the surface. To establish a solid base of your iceberg you will transparently work with the appointment setter to outline everything from your main competition to your value proposition. You will translate the difficulties your business is already having with scheduling appointments. They will need to be informed on your main competition to develop a rebuttal and understand where you stand within the industry. It sometimes is good to even have your appointment scheduling firm call your competition to see how they react.

Special Instructions
It will also be important to give special instructions. With any sales position, the balance of managing friendly aggression is a difficult process. The script should be drafted and perfected before being handed over to appointment setting services. Setting forks with each response will help guide the appointment setting service and ultimately increase the number of quality leads your sales team is paired with. Remember, the appointment setters will be representing your company’s image, so be sure to make a foolproof script to minimize slip ups and identify all questions that may be asked. When taking inbound calls, you need to equip the call center with tough questions to get them through the first stage.

It also may be a good idea to hire somebody in-house to become the point of contact for managing your appointment setting process. This will ensure a seamless transition and guidance of your calling campaigns. Determine if your company is going to outsource all of your phone calls to a remote location or route them manually. If your call center agents are going to route certain phone calls overseas it will be important to set up open lines of communication between the two stations. A customized CRM interface is often provided by an appointment setting service.

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