Commercial Auto Insurance Questions


For companies whose employees will be taking to the streets to conduct business, first get in touch with a number of auto insurance companies to receive the best auto insurance quotes.Commercial auto insurance quotes are available for both small and large businesses, with different deductibles, costs, etc., so driving off with the right coverage is rather easy.When debating what you need for commercial auto insurance, be able to answer the following from your insurance agent:

How many vehicles and drivers will need to be covered?

Coverage for commercial vehicle insurance is factored on the number of vehicles and drivers to be insured. Depending on the number of vehicles and drivers involved, fleet insurance can often be cheaper than per vehicle policies.

How is commercial use defined in a policy?

Much like most personal auto insurance policies that exclude coverage for commercial use, a commercial policy will form a definition of commercial use.
Do I have special coverages and considerations?
In some cases, businesses are required to adhere to both federal and state regulatory standards in the operations of their vehicles. As an example, if your company will be transporting cargo interstate, there are specific Department of Transportation requirements for insurance that are required. In the event you will be delivering or hauling for others or using other's equipment like leased trailers or rental equipment, you are required to have hired or non-owned vehicle coverage.


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