Buyer Guide to Background Checks

Employees are your most valuable-and usually your most expensive- business asset.  According to one estimate, the cost of hiring the wrong employee is can be up to twice that person’s annual salary!  How does a business make sure that an employee is the right match?

Interviews, references, and referrals are priceless when it comes to hiring, but in some circumstances, they’re not enough.  Businesses in specific industries, such as medicine, accounting, law, engineering, and other professional services might find a more extensive background check necessary to verify accreditations, professional licenses, and other qualifications with.  Criminal background checks are mandatory for some jobs- for example, those in the trucking industry, or positions where the employee will have contact with children, the elderly, or the disabled. persons.  In these instances, businesses can perform an employment screening on potential new hires.

Most public records, such as bankruptcies, marriage records, age, and other information can be obtained for free, though they can be time consuming to track down.  Credit checks, criminal histories, driving records, and other information can be tougher to come by, especially for the novice investigator.  If you need specific information on a prospective employee, using an employment background screening service is often the easiest way to find it.  Most employment screening companies have different service packages that provide different levels of information- you can limit your search by state, by county, or request verification of specific claims made by a prospective employee.

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