Quick Tips for Business Credit Cards


You will likely get offers for business credit cards in the mail. Banks are calling these cards “professional” cards, so if you see one—grab it. If you hear about “professional” cards from an employee or friend, ask to see the brochure and then talk to a professional.
Business Credit Cards have many of the same risks as your individual credit cards. If you have a hard time paying your personal bills on time, chances are you will have the same problem with your new business credit card.
Many banks and credit card companies such as Discover ® and MasterCard ® offer the option of signing up for a card online. If you know exactly which card you want and do not have any questions, signing up for a card online is a fine way to apply for a card. Once again CreditCards.com is a great website to get started. Each application is different, but you will generally go through about five screens asking you for your name, social security number, and current banking information.


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