Choosing a Business Insurance Provider

Choosing a Provider for all of your insurance needs can be tricky, especially if you have specific industry requirements or needs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose one agent:  Insurance professionals are trained at finding the best policy deals for your business.  A single agent or provider is an easier point of contact and will have access to the same offerings that multiple agents would.
  • Use your connections: Trade associations or business groups often provide their members group rate insurance plans and access to agents that specialize in certain business needs. 
  • Compare coverage and settlement amounts: Insurance companies set rates and offerings based on the risk of the insured- you can use this information, too, in order to make a smart decision about how much insurance you really need.  Reviewing recent settlements in your industry or for businesses similar to yours can give you a good idea of the appropriate coverage amounts.

A qualified insurance agent or broker will be able to provide more and detailed information about the policies you need, and the offerings available to your business.  Your business is an investment- make sure you protect it by choosing the right insurance provider. 

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