Basics on Security Systems


When deciding on your business security systems needs, you first need to know the basics in what is offered. A monitored burglar alarm system helps avert burglars, cut down on employee theft, and establishes employee safety. These types of systems are made up of a series of devices that detect unauthorized entry-once an unauthorized person is detected the alarm sends a signal to a central monitoring station. The monitoring stations provide continuous service 24/7/365 and will alert authorities and have authorities come to the scene, if necessary.
Monitored burglar alarm systems generally have six components, and are the backbone of most alarm systems. 
  1. Control Panels: The power source for your system, the control panels are typically located on the roof or server closet and are connected to your phone system.
  2. Security Key Pads: The key pads are typically installed outside the main entrance of your office, or specific departments and allows your employees to get in and out of the office. A two-way system allows the central monitoring station to talk directly to a person who has tripped the alarm and can determine quickly if this person is authorized to be in the secured area. If you would like additional panels to be set up in other locations throughout your company, it can cost up to $100 per keypad.
  3. Motion Detectors: These detectors use infrared energy levels to detect when an intruder is in the area.
  4. Door and Window Contacts: These devices also use infrared technology to sense when an intruder is breaking in. They are located around door jams and window frames and are triggered when a door or window is opened.
  5. Glass Break Sensors: The sensors are set off when they detect acoustic shock waves from glass breaking.
  6. Sirens: Noise that is made when alarm system goes off. They can be attached to the inside and/or outside of the building. If you would like to draw more attention to the intrusion, strobe lights can be added.
Another aspect to your business security system besides the alarm system is access control systems and card access. This type of security system allows employees to get in and out of the office and keeps unauthorized people out. This system can use a keypad or cards to gain access. These card access points are usually located on the main entrance of the business, but can be upgraded to even allow entrance in and out of a parking lot gate. They range from simple systems to being as complex as having attendance systems with different levels of security.
Video Surveillance and security camera systems are another great asset to any business security system. These systems range from a single camera and monitor to complex video surveillance that consists of hundreds of cameras and multiple operators. Video surveillance is a good idea if you are trying to prevent theft and make your employees feel safer. The two major benefits of a video camera is to discourage potential thieves (larger cameras are used here so the burglar notices the camera in place) and evidence (in case theft or accidents occur). Other benefits are that they help to monitor cash registers, meet insurance requirements and monitor visitors, employees or areas (especially if they are hazardous areas in your company).


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