Central Monitoring System


The central monitoring station is the most important aspect to any business security systems. You need to take into consideration how well your central monitoring station provides for your needs when looking for a security system. 
When your alarm goes off the central monitoring station is the first place to be notified of the triggered alarm. Many times this is due to a false alarm. There are a couple of ways the central monitoring station can help assess if an alarm is false so the authorities don’t send unneeded patrols out.
One way they do this is by an audible delay alarm which usually waits 45 to 60 seconds before it goes off. This option will give the authorized employee enough time to provide the appropriate passcode or verify they are authorized before the central monitoring station contacts authorities.
The second way the central monitoring system helps prevent false alarms is when there is a problem with the regular phone line being used at your company. If the central monitoring station is alerted to the phone line is down they can call your company’s point of contact’s cell phone to assess the situation before alerting authorities.
The central monitoring station is able to alert you of an intruder (no matter which way you choose) because the control panel is pre-programmed with your business information and connected to your businesses phone lines. When the alarm is set off, the control panel automatically sends this information to the central monitoring station. Once the central monitoring station is alerted of an intruder, it will implement whatever strategy you have agreed upon.


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