Costs of a Business Security System


Money makes the world go around, and the bottom line to you and your company is how much full business security systems are going to cost. Each element has different rates, and all need to be factored in when putting together a budget for this project. Remember it is important to take into consideration the pricing of many different vendors for each aspect of your security system. Below are the average rates to compare to the vendors for each aspect of a security system.
Alarm Systems
This part of your security system is actually the most cost-friendly. Standard monthly fees can range from $25-$40 per month and if you’d like the two-way monitoring system function, it is about an extra $10 a month. The initial setup fees will vary depending on the type of equipment you would like and, the size of the company. Expect to pay anywhere from $100-$4,000 for installation and equipment, with the higher end being for more complex systems.
Card Access Systems
Access control systems are a little more difficult in predicting the cost. Most companies will want to talk to you one on one to asses exactly what you need, and the type of security level you want. With that said, remember to price multiple vendors to try and get the right price and fit for your company. 
There are a few factors that can be estimated when dealing with card access systems. Most card access control systems for single door use run around $1500-$2500 to be installed. Once you start adding on multiple doors, the lower the per-door pricing can be. This price includes the hardware, software and installation for the system. 
The main factor to consider for the card access system is how many “bells and whistles” your company needs. You can tack on many different options. For example, iris scanning systems are much more expensive and can easily reach $10,000 or more for a single access point. The point here is to make sure you have the level of security your company needs.
Video Surveillance Systems         
Because there are many different aspects to a video surveillance system like cameras, lenses etc., there are multiple costs to figure in here as well. Cameras themselves are not very expensive so it might be worth spending a little extra money to get a better camera. Brand name cameras can be found for $120 to $250. Prices vary according to features as well. Larger formats, higher resolution, and better sensitivity all drive prices up.
Once you have found the camera its time to determine what kind of recording device you will want your camera to be hooked up to. Basically it depends on your company’s needs and how much you want to spend. Quality DVRs generally start at $500 to $1,000+ for a single channel device, and get more expensive the more memory and inputs you add. If you are willing to use VCRs, VCRs designed for security use start at $200 to $400 and go up to $600 or more.


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