Tips for Business Security System


Like most large purchasing decisions (for personal or business use) there are usually some quick tips out there to help you on your path. Since there are so many choices and different security levels of busines security you can choose from, having a few tips in mind can help you make the best decision for you and your company.
Alarm Systems
One idea you should keep in mind when setting up your alarm system is to make sure it will not call 911 when first set off. If there isn’t a real emergency and your system is set up to automatically dial 911, this can result in a large fine and in some cases jail time. Having an alarm system is beneficial for your company for insurance reasons as well. Most insurance companies knock off anywhere from 10-20 percent for having an alarm system set up for your business. 
Once you have purchased your alarm system, it will probably require some maintenance in addition to needing customer support from time to time. Make sure the company you choose provides this service. You’ll also need to keep them updated if any changes are made to your office phone system. In most cases, the central monitoring station is connected to your current phone system so if you change anything, or make the switch to VoIP, you need to alert your provider of these changes.
Another tip is to ask your vendor if you can change passcodes when necessary. If you have to terminate an employee for stealing or vandalizing your business, you will want to make sure him or her will not be able to gain access into your company once they have been terminated. On that same note, ask about duress signals. If an intruder forces you to let them in your business, most vendors have the option to set up a duress signal to notify the central monitoring station of an intruder. 
Also make sure to train your staff on your new alarm system. Vendors can usually train the people in charge of the new system in about 10-20 minutes. If you would like the vendor to discuss the system and train all employees that usually takes about 45 minutes. 
Card Access Systems
When you have made the decision to go forward with a card access system, communicate to your building manager you are going to be adding this feature. Some buildings require special permission before adding these systems. Keep in mind what type of system you need in case of a power outage. A “fail secure” system means if the power goes out, the door will stay locked from the outside. On the other hand a "fail safe," system means the door will unlock completely in a power failure. Either choice is fine; you just need to decide which secure system is best for your company.
Remember most equipment for card access systems can be reused. If you decide down the road to upgrade your security access or add on additional features, you probably won’t need to buy more equipment and this can save your company money. Try and avoid over buying. Usually having one card access system is ok, and you don’t need to buy equipment for multiple doors. This could frustrate employees more than keeping your company extra safe.
Video Surveillance Systems
There are many features and decisions to make when  buying a video camera, so decide what you need to see before purchasing a video camera. If you don’t need the latest in video surveillance technology, don’t spend the extra money. Also make sure you are buying the system for the right reasons. If cars in your parking lot are getting vandalized, sometimes just adding a light can be a great alternative and a cash saver.
You also want to stay clear of “dummy” cameras. This could give your employees a false sense of security, and could land you with legal troubles if something does happen. Another legal issue to remember is to not record any audio. It is legal to record people in public areas with out there knowing, but it is illegal to record their audio.


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