Call Center Software Features

There is a plethora of call center software solutions to choose from. Computer telephony integration and interactive voice response solutions are the backbones of most call center software packages.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Computer telephony integration (CTI) is a fundamental part of any call center software. CTI is a solution that will help your call center perform more capably and handle a higher call volume. By combining your company’s computer systems with your telephone system, your call center agent has ability to access caller’s information. This allows them to provide better customer service to each customer quicker. A Condado Group Study reports, “CTI application is one of the most useful contact center functions available, with call times commonly being reduced by between 15 and 40 seconds per call. It also puts the agent in control, as they can see who the customer is, why they are ringing, and what sort of cross-sell or up-sell is most suitable for a customer within that segment. Sales rates improve, as does agent morale and call lengths.”

“Screen pops” allow the agent instant information as soon as the call is answered, reducing call times and customer satisfaction. CTI can also assist the call center agents by allowing them to place calls via soft phone (over their computers). Predictive dialing is a feature put in place for outbound call centers. Since most calls never reach a live person, predictive dialing allows call center agents to optimize their calling list. Predictive dialing uses IP phone system technology, and places calls to a large amount of phone numbers, only connecting your representative when someone answers the phone.

Workforce Management
Workforce management solutions provide monitoring programs for supervisors and managers. Call monitoring capabilities provides management with the tools to understand new situations and provide agents with the best information and scripts. According to a Left Bank Solutions survey, “Two-thirds of respondents claim to be able to forecast and schedule rosters based on agent capabilities.” Workforce management makes the process of scheduling tasks for employees much simpler.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive voice response is a solution for your inbound call center. If you are handling a large number of requests from customers inquiring about the same information, IVR can provide them with this information while waiting in the queue. IVR often is often able to collect customer information while they are waiting to speak to an agent. If this feature is a fit for your current call center needs, inquire about the IVR technology to your call center software vendors.

Call Center Routing
Call center routing is a technology that directs customers to appropriate call center agents. If your company has different call center representatives with unique skills, call center routing directs each client call to the best representative. This application matches the skills that the call requires with those that an agent can provide. Solutions such as these shorten the time required to resolve a problem and typically, can have a “20% reduction in call-handling times associated with the application of a skills-based routing product, higher in businesses which have very distinct and highly-skilled groups of agents,” according to one Condada Group study.


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